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Jeans Brands to Look Out For

Do you love jeans? Silly question! Jeans are universal – you can do almost anything in them, from a day out shopping to a day doing chores, or from the red carpet to vacuuming the carpet. In fact, jeans may be the single article of clothing that work in just about any setting. And, of

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Louis Vuitton Boots

Shoes are Primal – Science Says So!

Collecting Shoes In reading a recent article from the Huffington Post about shoes (11 things Facts About Shoes That Will Knock Your Socks Off…how clever), what really caught my attention was the scientific evidence pointing to a very real, very deeply-buried reason that women like shoes. What? You don’t like shoes? or LOVE shoes? Well

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Resale Women’s Clothing – Focus on Baltimore

When it comes to fashion, Baltimore is sometimes a bit behind the curve. But where the city seems to shine is in funkiness and being rather eclectic. Of course, there is also a growing movement to up the ante when it comes to style in Baltimore, as evidenced by the Baltimore Fashion Alliance, a number

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Great Styles on the Cheap? Try Consignment Shopping

If you’re like most women, you love to shop. Or, barring that, you at least love clothes! And why not? New, fashionable clothing makes us feel stylish and beautiful, and better about ourselves generally. Side note: how this phenomenon works, I’ll never know…but I see it every day! Now, if you’ve got plenty of money

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Women’s Clothing Stores – A Love/Hate Relationship

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… For many women, shopping is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, we all love to find the latest fashions, frequently dream of having the wardrobe of a Hollywood star and, of course, we love bringing home new goodies that we’ll wear out

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