Make Money with Consignment

Hey! Want to make a bundle selling your still-fashionable, gently-used clothing and accessories? Of course you do! If you’re ready for a change, and have a closet full of women’s clothing and shoes that you simply no longer wish to wear out on the town, consignment is for you.

You may want to make a change for any number of reasons. Maybe an article of clothing looked better online or in the store than it does on you. Maybe you’ve gained or lost weight and your favorite threads just don’t fit right anymore. Or perhaps you’re just plain tired of wearing those same outfits again and again and you know it’s time for a change.

So have no fear – you can “get rid of” those old clothes and someone else will be happy to have them! Of course, in the process of making some cash, you’ll also be stockpiling your dough to buy more clothing, so you can stop wearing stuff you’re no longer interested in. A great deal, indeed!

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